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  1. A quantum-light source that delivers photons with a high brightness and a high degree of entanglement is fundamental for the development of efficient entanglement-based quantum-key distribution systems. Among ...

    Authors: Michele B. Rota, Tobias M. Krieger, Quirin Buchinger, Mattia Beccaceci, Julia Neuwirth, Hêlio Huet, Nikola Horová, Gabriele Lovicu, Giuseppe Ronco, Saimon F. Covre da Silva, Giorgio Pettinari, Magdalena Moczała-Dusanowska, Christoph Kohlberger, Santanu Manna, Sandra Stroj, Julia Freund…
    Citation: eLight 2024 4:13
  2. Chirality, defined by Lord Kelvin, refers to the geometric symmetry property of an object that cannot be superposed onto its mirror image using rotations and translations. The material’s chirality can be probe...

    Authors: Wenpeng Zhou, Ya-Ping Ruan, Haodong Wu, Han Zhang, Jiang-Shan Tang, Zhenda Xie, Lei Tang, Yu Wang, Yue-E Ji, Kunpeng Jia, Cheng-Wei Qiu, Yan-Qing Lu and Keyu Xia
    Citation: eLight 2024 4:12
  3. Structured light, particularly in the terahertz frequency range, holds considerable potential for a diverse range of applications. However, the generation and control of structured terahertz radiation pose maj...

    Authors: Shunjia Wang, Wentao Qin, Tongyang Guan, Jingyu Liu, Qingnan Cai, Sheng Zhang, Lei Zhou, Yan Zhang, Yizheng Wu and Zhensheng Tao
    Citation: eLight 2024 4:11
  4. The hope for a futuristic global quantum internet that provides robust and high-capacity quantum information transfer lies largely on qudits, the fundamental quantum information carriers prepared in high-dimen...

    Authors: Haoqi Zhao, Yichi Zhang, Zihe Gao, Jieun Yim, Shuang Wu, Natalia M. Litchinitser, Li Ge and Liang Feng
    Citation: eLight 2024 4:10
  5. Quasicrystal has attracted lots of attention since its discovery because of the mathematically non-periodic arrangement and physically unique diffraction patterns. By combining the quasi-periodic features of q...

    Authors: Chi Xu, Ruizhe Zhao, Xue Zhang, Shifei Zhang, Xin Li, Guangzhou Geng, Junjie Li, Xiaowei Li, Yongtian Wang and Lingling Huang
    Citation: eLight 2024 4:9
  6. Phase imaging is widely used in biomedical imaging, sensing, and material characterization, among other fields. However, direct imaging of phase objects with subwavelength resolution remains a challenge. Here,...

    Authors: Jingtian Hu, Kun Liao, Niyazi Ulas Dinç, Carlo Gigli, Bijie Bai, Tianyi Gan, Xurong Li, Hanlong Chen, Xilin Yang, Yuhang Li, Çağatay Işıl, Md Sadman Sakib Rahman, Jingxi Li, Xiaoyong Hu, Mona Jarrahi, Demetri Psaltis…
    Citation: eLight 2024 4:8
  7. Metasurface-based holograms, or metaholograms, offer unique advantages including enhanced imaging quality, expanded field of view, compact system size, and broad operational bandwidth. Multi-channel metahologr...

    Authors: Zeyang Liu, Hao Gao, Taigao Ma, Vishva Ray, Niu Liu, Xinliang Zhang, L. Jay Guo and Cheng Zhang
    Citation: eLight 2024 4:7
  8. Nonlinear optical signal processing (NOSP) has the potential to significantly improve the throughput, flexibility, and cost-efficiency of optical communication networks by exploiting the intrinsically ultrafas...

    Authors: Chanju Kim, Xinda Lu, Deming Kong, Nuo Chen, Yuntian Chen, Leif Katsuo Oxenløwe, Kresten Yvind, Xinliang Zhang, Lan Yang, Minhao Pu and Jing Xu
    Citation: eLight 2024 4:6
  9. Vectorial optics with fine inhomogeneous polarization control are highly desired. Metasurfaces have been captivated a promising candidate, but their static post-fabrication geometry largely limits the dynamic ...

    Authors: Ze-Yu Wang, Zhou Zhou, Han Zhang, Yang Wei, Hong-Guan Yu, Wei Hu, Wei Chen, Hai-Tao Dai, Ling-Ling Ma, Cheng-Wei Qiu and Yan-Qing Lu
    Citation: eLight 2024 4:5
  10. Zero-index metamaterials (ZIMs) can support uniform electromagnetic field distributions at any frequency, but their applications are hampered by the ZIM’s homogenization level—only 3 unit cells per free-space ...

    Authors: Yueyang Liu, Tian Dong, Xu Qin, Weijia Luo, Ning Leng, Yujing He, Yong Yuan, Ming Bai, Jingbo Sun, Ji Zhou, Yue Li and Yang Li
    Citation: eLight 2024 4:4
  11. Integral imaging (II) display, one of the most critical true-3D display technologies, has received increasing research recently. Significantly, an achromatic metalens array has realized a broadband metalens-ar...

    Authors: Zhi-Bin Fan, Yun-Fan Cheng, Ze-Ming Chen, Xia Liu, Wen-Long Lu, Shi-Hao Li, Shao-Ji Jiang, Zong Qin and Jian-Wen Dong
    Citation: eLight 2024 4:3
  12. Sensors have emerged as indispensable analytical tools across a wide range of important fields, encompassing environmental monitoring, food safety, and public health. They facilitate early disease diagnosis, p...

    Authors: Kebo Zeng, Chenchen Wu, Xiangdong Guo, Fuxin Guan, Yu Duan, Lauren L. Zhang, Xiaoxia Yang, Na Liu, Qing Dai and Shuang Zhang
    Citation: eLight 2024 4:1
  13. Augmented reality (AR) displays, as the next generation platform for spatial computing and digital twins, enable users to view digital images superimposed on real-world environment, fostering a deeper level of...

    Authors: Yuqiang Ding, Qian Yang, Yannanqi Li, Zhiyong Yang, Zhengyang Wang, Haowen Liang and Shin-Tson Wu
    Citation: eLight 2023 3:24

    The Author Correction to this article has been published in eLight 2024 4:2

  14. Adaptive optics normally concerns the feedback correction of phase aberrations. Such correction has been of benefit in various optical systems, with applications ranging in scale from astronomical telescopes t...

    Authors: Chao He, Jacopo Antonello and Martin J. Booth
    Citation: eLight 2023 3:23
  15. An ideal radiative cooler requires accurate spectral control capability to achieve efficient thermal emission in the atmospheric transparency window (8–13 μm), low solar absorption, good stability, scalability...

    Authors: Keng-Te Lin, Xianbo Nian, Ke Li, Jihong Han, Nan Zheng, Xiaokang Lu, Chunsheng Guo, Han Lin and Baohua Jia
    Citation: eLight 2023 3:22
  16. Lanthanide-doped upconversion nanoparticles emerged recently as an attractive material platform underpinning a broad range of innovative applications such as optical cryptography, luminescent probes, and lasin...

    Authors: Ziwei Feng, Tan Shi, Guangzhou Geng, Junjie Li, Zi-Lan Deng, Yuri Kivshar and Xiangping Li
    Citation: eLight 2023 3:21
  17. Non-Hermitian systems with their spectral degeneracies known as exceptional points (EPs) have been explored for lasing, controlling light transport, and enhancing a sensor’s response. A ring resonator can be b...

    Authors: Hwaseob Lee, Ali Kecebas, Feifan Wang, Lorry Chang, Sahin K. Özdemir and Tingyi Gu
    Citation: eLight 2023 3:20
  18. Structuring light emission from single-photon emitters (SPEs) in multiple degrees of freedom is of great importance for quantum information processing towards higher dimensions. However, traditional control of...

    Authors: Chi Li, Jaehyuck Jang, Trevon Badloe, Tieshan Yang, Joohoon Kim, Jaekyung Kim, Minh Nguyen, Stefan A. Maier, Junsuk Rho, Haoran Ren and Igor Aharonovich
    Citation: eLight 2023 3:19
  19. Label-free surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) technique with ultra-sensitivity becomes more and more desirable in biomedical analysis, which is yet hindered by inefficient follow-up data analysis. Here w...

    Authors: Shilian Dong, Dong He, Qian Zhang, Chaoning Huang, Zhiheng Hu, Chenyang Zhang, Lei Nie, Kun Wang, Wei Luo, Jing Yu, Bin Tian, Wei Wu, Xu Chen, Fubing Wang, Jing Hu and Xiangheng Xiao
    Citation: eLight 2023 3:17
  20. Recently, it has been demonstrated that thermoviscous flows can be used for a range of fine micromanipulations, such as moving the cytoplasm of cells and developing embryos, intracellular rheology, and femtone...

    Authors: Antonio Minopoli, Susan Wagner, Elena Erben, Weida Liao, Iliya D. Stoev, Eric Lauga and Moritz Kreysing
    Citation: eLight 2023 3:16
  21. Water is an essential component of the Earth’s climate, but monitoring its properties using autonomous underwater sampling robots remains a significant challenge due to lack of underwater geolocalization capab...

    Authors: Xiaoyang Bai, Zuodong Liang, Zhongmin Zhu, Alexander Schwing, David Forsyth and Viktor Gruev
    Citation: eLight 2023 3:15
  22. Polaritons are quasi-particles that combine light with matter, enabling precise control of light at deep subwavelength scales. The excitation and propagation of polaritons are closely linked to the structural ...

    Authors: Caixing Hu, Tian Sun, Ying Zeng, Weiliang Ma, Zhigao Dai, Xiaosheng Yang, Xinliang Zhang and Peining Li
    Citation: eLight 2023 3:14
  23. Endoscopes are an important component for the development of minimally invasive surgeries. Their size is one of the most critical aspects, because smaller and less rigid endoscopes enable higher agility, facil...

    Authors: Johannes E. Fröch, Luocheng Huang, Quentin A.A. Tanguy, Shane Colburn, Alan Zhan, Andrea Ravagli, Eric J. Seibel, Karl F. Böhringer and Arka Majumdar
    Citation: eLight 2023 3:13
  24. Spatiotemporal vortices of light, featuring transverse orbital angular momentum (OAM) and energy circulation in the spatiotemporal domain, have received increasing attention recently. The experimental realizat...

    Authors: Chenhao Wan, Andy Chong and Qiwen Zhan
    Citation: eLight 2023 3:11
  25. The wide application of optical spectroscopy makes miniaturized spectrometers with fundamental importance. The scalability, high-performance, low-cost, and small footprint are still contradicting each other an...

    Authors: Qingqing Cen, Sijie Pian, Xinhang Liu, Yuwei Tang, Xinying He and Yaoguang Ma
    Citation: eLight 2023 3:9
  26. Two-dimensional semiconductors (2DSCs) have attracted considerable interests for optoelectronic devices, but are often plagued by the difficulties in tailoring the charge doping type and poor optical absorptio...

    Authors: Sung-Joon Lee, Hung-Chieh Cheng, Yiliu Wang, Boxuan Zhou, Dehui Li, Gongming Wang, Yuan Liu, Jian Guo, Hao Wu, Dae Joon Kang, Yu Huang and Xiangfeng Duan
    Citation: eLight 2023 3:8
  27. X-ray ptychographic tomography is a nondestructive method for three dimensional (3D) imaging with nanometer-sized resolvable features. The size of the volume that can be imaged is almost arbitrary, limited onl...

    Authors: Ziling Wu, Iksung Kang, Yudong Yao, Yi Jiang, Junjing Deng, Jeffrey Klug, Stefan Vogt and George Barbastathis
    Citation: eLight 2023 3:7

    The Correction to this article has been published in eLight 2023 3:12

  28. The orbital degrees of freedom play a pivotal role in understanding fundamental phenomena in solid-state materials as well as exotic quantum states of matter including orbital superfluidity and topological sem...

    Authors: Yahui Zhang, Domenico Bongiovanni, Ziteng Wang, Xiangdong Wang, Shiqi Xia, Zhichan Hu, Daohong Song, Dario Jukić, Jingjun Xu, Roberto Morandotti, Hrvoje Buljan and Zhigang Chen
    Citation: eLight 2023 3:5
  29. Weyl semimetals are topological materials whose electron quasiparticles obey the Weyl equation. They possess many unusual properties that may lead to new applications. This is a tutorial review of the optical ...

    Authors: Cheng Guo, Viktar S. Asadchy, Bo Zhao and Shanhui Fan
    Citation: eLight 2023 3:2
  30. Integrated silicon photonics has sparked a significant ramp-up of investment in both academia and industry as a scalable, power-efficient, and eco-friendly solution. At the heart of this platform is the light ...

    Authors: Zhican Zhou, Xiangpeng Ou, Yuetong Fang, Emad Alkhazraji, Renjing Xu, Yating Wan and John E. Bowers
    Citation: eLight 2023 3:1
  31. Nanophotonic engineering provides an effective platform to manipulate thermal emission on-demand, enabling unprecedented heat management superior to conventional bulk materials. Amongst a plethora of nanophoto...

    Authors: Tianji Liu, Cheng Guo, Wei Li and Shanhui Fan
    Citation: eLight 2022 2:25
  32. The history of computing started with analog computers consisting of physical devices performing specialized functions such as predicting the position of astronomical bodies and the trajectory of cannon balls....

    Authors: Bahram Jalali and Callen MacPhee
    Citation: eLight 2022 2:24

    The Correction to this article has been published in eLight 2023 3:12

  33. Hopfions are three-dimensional (3D) topological states discovered in field theory, magnetics, and hydrodynamics that resemble particle-like objects in physical space. Hopfions inherit the topological features ...

    Authors: Chenhao Wan, Yijie Shen, Andy Chong and Qiwen Zhan
    Citation: eLight 2022 2:22
  34. Bifacial monolithic all-perovskite tandem solar cells have the promise of delivering higher output power density by inheriting the advantages of both tandem and bifacial architectures simultaneously. Herein, w...

    Authors: Hongjiang Li, Yurui Wang, Han Gao, Mei Zhang, Renxing Lin, Pu Wu, Ke Xiao and Hairen Tan
    Citation: eLight 2022 2:21
  35. Although small EVs (sEVs) have been used widely as biomarkers in disease diagnosis, their heterogeneity at single EV level has rarely been revealed. This is because high-resolution characterization of sEV pres...

    Authors: Guan Huang, Yongtao Liu, Dejiang Wang, Ying Zhu, Shihui Wen, Juanfang Ruan and Dayong Jin
    Citation: eLight 2022 2:20

    The Correction to this article has been published in eLight 2023 3:12

  36. Whispering-gallery-mode (WGM) cavity is important for exploring physics of strong light-matter interaction. Yet it suffers from the notorious radiation loss universally due to the light tunneling effect throug...

    Authors: Qingtao Ba, Yangyang Zhou, Jue Li, Wen Xiao, Longfang Ye, Yineng Liu, Jin-hui Chen and Huanyang Chen
    Citation: eLight 2022 2:19
  37. Nowadays, viral infections are one of the greatest challenges for medical sciences and human society. While antiviral compounds and chemical inactivation remain inadequate, physical approaches based on irradia...

    Authors: Mohammad Sadraeian, Le Zhang, Farzaneh Aavani, Esmaeil Biazar and Dayong Jin
    Citation: eLight 2022 2:18
  38. Scintillators are of significance for the realization of indirect X-ray detection and X-ray excited optical luminescence (XEOL) imaging. However, commercial bulk scintillators not only require complex fabricat...

    Authors: Lei Lei, Yubin Wang, Andrey Kuzmin, Youjie Hua, Jingtao Zhao, Shiqing Xu and Paras N. Prasad
    Citation: eLight 2022 2:17
  39. Transformation optics has formulated a versatile framework to mold the flow of light and tailor its spatial characteristics at will. Despite its huge success in bringing scientific fiction (such as invisibilit...

    Authors: Jieun Yim, Nitish Chandra, Xilin Feng, Zihe Gao, Shuang Wu, Tianwei Wu, Haoqi Zhao, Natalia M. Litchinitser and Liang Feng
    Citation: eLight 2022 2:16
  40. Modern optical imaging techniques provide powerful tools for observing cortical structure and functions at high resolutions. Various skull windows have been established for different applications of cortical i...

    Authors: Dongyu Li, Zhengwu Hu, Hequn Zhang, Qihang Yang, Liang Zhu, Yin Liu, Tingting Yu, Jingtan Zhu, Jiamin Wu, Jing He, Peng Fei, Wang Xi, Jun Qian and Dan Zhu
    Citation: eLight 2022 2:15
  41. Privacy protection is a growing concern in the digital era, with machine vision techniques widely used throughout public and private settings. Existing methods address this growing problem by, e.g., encrypting...

    Authors: Bijie Bai, Yi Luo, Tianyi Gan, Jingtian Hu, Yuhang Li, Yifan Zhao, Deniz Mengu, Mona Jarrahi and Aydogan Ozcan
    Citation: eLight 2022 2:14
  42. The interaction between cell surface receptors and extracellular ligands is highly related to many physiological processes in living systems. Many techniques have been developed to measure the ligand-receptor ...

    Authors: Yaoran Liu, Hongru Ding, Jingang Li, Xin Lou, Mingcheng Yang and Yuebing Zheng
    Citation: eLight 2022 2:13

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