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Fig. 1

From: Floquet metamaterials

Fig. 1

adapted from the respective references

Schematic of the key features encompassed within the fields of Floquet engineering and metamaterials, as well as some of the potential outcomes of their combination to engineer novel forms of wave control. Panels: a Artistic rendition of negative refraction [36]; b Light funneling with epsilon-near-zero materials [4]; c Shear-polaritonic dispersion in the non-orthogonal anisotropic material β-Gallium Oxide [7]; d Doppler-like frequency shifting, beam steering and nonreciprocity enabled by spatiotemporal metasurfaces [10]; e Phonon vibrations induced by an infrared pump beam (top panel) result in a net directional force, responsible for a transient deformation of the crystal structure [29]; f An infrared pump beam periodically modulates the effective charge in a crystal lattice, such that the effective permittivity varies at twice the frequency, producing phonon-mediated parametric amplification [28]; g Topological transitions enabled by circularly polarized Floquet pumping [30]; h Experimental implementation of an elastic Floquet topological insulator [14, 15]; i An electro-optically modulated ring resonator hosts a Floquet ladder of states [31]. Insets

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