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Annual Awards of eLight

Release Date: 9 November 2022

The below winners are rewarded with a coupon for waiving publication fee, which the winner can decide to use in either of below journals:

Journal Light: Science & Applications (valid from Nov 2022 to Nov 2024)

Journal eLight, Journal Light: Advanced Manufacturing (the two journals waive all publication fees until end of 2023, so the coupon is valid from January 2024 to end of 2025)

Best Reviewers Awards (Jun 2021-Aug 2022)

In alphabetical order:

Zhigang Chen from Nankai University, China

Sebastian Klembt from University of Wurzburg, Germany

Liang Shi from MIT, USA

Highly Downloaded/Cited Papers (Jun 2021-Aug 2022)

In Chronological order:

Chen, Z., Segev, M. Highlighting photonics: looking into the next decade. eLight 1, 2 (2021).

Xiong, J., Wu, ST. Planar liquid crystal polarization optics for augmented reality and virtual reality: from fundamentals to applications. eLight 1, 3 (2021).

Jin, Z., Janoschka, D., Deng, J. et al. Phyllotaxis-inspired nanosieves with multiplexed orbital angular momentum. eLight 1, 5 (2021).

Lee, D., So, S., Hu, G. et al. Hyperbolic metamaterials: fusing artificial structures to natural 2D materials. eLight 2, 1 (2022).

Luo, Y., Zhao, Y., Li, J. et al. Computational imaging without a computer: seeing through random diffusers at the speed of light. eLight 2, 4 (2022).

Li, L., Zhao, H., Liu, C. et al. Intelligent metasurfaces: control, communication and computing. eLight 2, 7 (2022).

Yin, S., Galiffi, E. & Al├╣, A. Floquet metamaterials. eLight 2, 8 (2022).

Zhu, R., Wang, J., Qiu, T. et al. Remotely mind-controlled metasurface via brainwaves. eLight 2, 10 (2022).

Ma, Q., Gao, W., Xiao, Q. et al. Directly wireless communication of human minds via non-invasive brain-computer-metasurface platform. eLight 2, 11 (2022).

Bai, B., Luo, Y., Gan, T. et al. To image, or not to image: class-specific diffractive cameras with all-optical erasure of undesired objects. eLight 2, 14 (2022).